[Outfit of the day] Minicave meets Lost Sounds Party

...or: goth mermaid with glitter and green
Hey Sweeties!
Last Friday was partytime with good friends and great music... so I decided to take my Mermaidlegs out for the night... and tried a matching eye makeup with my  Urban Decay palette I've bought in Paris...
★ dress ~ Monki
★ Leggings ~ Black Milk
★ belt ~ second hand
★ boots ~ Bullboxer
Lipstick ~ Lime Crime Serpentia
Eyeshadows ~ Urban Decay Smokey Palette
Highlighter ~ Let it snow, Sephora
Eyebrows ~  essence gel eyeliner, Midnight in Paris
Face ~  essence soft touch mousse makeup ~ matt ivory ♥ KIKO ~ Full Coverage Concealer ♥ essence ~ all about matt! Fixing loose powder


Paris ~ Part trois....

...cemetery cats and crypts...
At the last day we were at the Cimetière de Montmartre. I love the cemeteries of Paris... full of old graves and crypts and from time to time, you can see one of the several cemetery cats taking a little nap on a tombstone. ^^
so much old crypts...
you can look through the doors of the crypts... and the most of them have stained glass at the backside, where the incident light  surprises the prying visitor...
don't blink... weeping angels...
 the grave of "La Goulue" (*click here*)
looks like a shot in the head... 
This little guy  accompanied us for  some time at the cemetery. He was  so nice and very photogenic ;)
 This funny fellow lives in a crypt :D
 tone on tone on the tombstone ^^
old, scabious but sooooo majestic
 little tiger looks a bit  like Romeo :) 
 I really recommend that cemetery to you - especially when you like taking pics... I took so much pics of graves, crypts, angels and cats, that it was hard to pick some out for this post :)
so it ends - this year's journey to Paris... and I am looking forward for next year!


Paris ~ part deux

...Day 3+4!
Hey Sweeties!
Now it's time for the second flood of pics from this year's trip to my beloved city...The third and last will coming up soon  ;)
so here we go...
At  day 3 we started our tour at Notre Dame... 

 and again - the cathedral with a clear blue background... like last year! ^^
 I love the details of the front....
 and of course the gargoyles...

right next to the cathedral is a house... it looks like a haunted manor... 

Pat and I decided we wanna  hire some resourceful Chinese to copy it and build it in Schwerte... hihi... (like *here*)
In the very near of Notre Dame, we found a street full with comicbook stores last year - but it was late in the evening and the shops were closed, so we planned to visit them this year ... and it took more than 2 hours to trudge round all the stores. Amazing, I bought a Mark Ryden artbook there and it was very hard to resist the temptation of buying more... (will show you my hauls in an extra post)
We had coffee at the Place de la Bastille...
The next day we had a full day in our favourite district... Montmartre... because I took so much pics of the beautiful cemetery of Montmartre, I  split this day into two posts... so you will get the pics of graves and cemeterycats  later ;)
 art art art everywhere...
amazing view over Paris...
Sacre Coeur!!!
waiting for a free table at La Maison Rosé ^^
nom nom ... Orangina!
after that we returned to Sacre Coeur for having a tour with the Montmartrain, a little "train" which is cruising through the streets  of Montmartre .... it was fun ^^
 at the famous Moulin Rouge... 
 streetartist at Montmartre...
 In the evening we returned to Chatelet, the place, where every day ends for us at the Black Dog ~ but before we had dinner in the very near of Centre Pompidou...
Hope you like my pics and my little trip-diary so far...


de retour de vacances

...or: back in Germany, missing Paris!
Hey sweeties!
I didn't forget you - I am back from some days in beloved Paris ~ it was soooo awesome again. Met new friends, had fun at the Black Dog again, ran too much (5 big blisters on my feet and an overstretched left foot ~ had to stick it out with Ibuprofen and Voltaren the last 2 days), saw great new and old places, places I wanted to see since my last visit, cats, graves, bones, weeping angels and  a  street full with comicbook-stores!
So here are my impressions - a heavy pic load - you will get it splitted up in some postings ... so be curious for the next days!
Day 1/2 ~  welcoming with rain and finally: The CATacombs meets the catacombs ^^
when we arrived at Paris, it was raining -  so we decided  to buy the Metro-tickets and go to Champs-Elysees for a bit shopping (Sephora! Yay! I will do a special post about my hauls ^^) - and at the end of our shopping-tour, we reached the L'arc de Triomphe...

 The passage under the big circuit...
Impressive  masonry - They are so huge and imposing...
After a little coffee break in the near of the Eiffel tower the sun came out... and stayed for next days!

yayyyyy - sun!
After saying hello to the Eiffel tower we had a delicious dinner at "Le Suffren" - a very very good brasserie. It was so delicious and the waiter was very kind and considerate.
 I really recommend that restaurant to you, when you want to try a really French restaurant! *click here*
 a little stop by the Ile de la cité in the afternoon...
The next day we got up early to visit the catacombs of Paris... We tried to see them last year - but the waiting line was soooooooo long. And even though we were there in time last Friday, we had to wait almost one hour for getting in... but it was worth it!
 had to walk a long long way before we arrived at the ossuary...
The entrance at the ossuary....
 Stop!  This is the empire of death.
 millions of mortal remains... it was stunning!
 cliché goth pics ^^
and some graffities in the passages...
The day ended at our favourite Metal-bar, the Black Dog, with some beer and ciders ~ and we met new people there.
So - the next pic-load of the last days in Paris will coming up at the weekend - so be curious, my sweeties!