[Outift of the day] another Dark Saturday working look...

...or: Spacebubbles and rivets
Hey sweeties!
Last weekend was Dark Saturday time - and I wanted to wear my Spacebubbles-legs for the first time...
top ~ Gina Tricot
leggings ~ Blackmilk
bolero ~ Tally Weijl
belt ~ Monki
boots ~ Bullboxer
I love the way the light reflects in this awesome fabric...
I am so in love with my new boots - so comfy and perfect for running the whole night from corner to corner ^^
spider brooch / pendant ~ restyle.pl
buttons ~ selfmade
 cross earrings ~ Gina Tricot
 octopusses in  my hair  ^^
 dark blue and silver glitter eyeshadow from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics (Nevermore / Niflheim / Unicorn Breath), blended with black MUA Mono Eyeshadow
 lipstick ~ MAC ~ Creme d'Nude
I am so happy that Gina Tricot restocked their cross-earrings - I craved for them since I saw them on a friend of mine... ^^
 I hope I can wear my new favorite leggings soon for a party, when I am not the one who has to work behind the bar *lol*


  1. Die Ohrringe sind einfer der Hammer! *_*

    1. nicht wahr? Ich habe die soooo lange gesucht - im Moment gibts die noch bei Gina Tricot ^^

  2. I love that combination of studded boots and the bubbly black milk! It's a perfect combo

  3. Super cool leggings, and I love the badges! You wear it all so well :)