Sunday Funday ~ Gothic-Fleamarket

or: a little trip to 25th Funkelglanz Scenemarket, "Werk~Stadt", Witten
Hey sweeties,
After a long working night, sleeping until noon and a big breakfast, we decided to visit a Goth fleamarket at "Werk-Stadt" in Witten.
 A little pity, that the market was indoors - the weather was nice after so much days of rain and cold temperatures... (wearing my H&M  Hi-Lo skirt for the first time... ^^)
The hall was big, but there were only a handfull of booths - but that was really better for me ... before I get into fully shopping frenzy *lol*
Some really creative and unique sellers were there... such as
 they sell awesome jewellery and unique accessoires - I fell in love with so much of their cute earrings and pendants... a lot of phantasy- and fairytales-inspired goodies... octopusses, poe, steampunk, skeletons... so much to discover... but only this little buddy came with me:
a handmade felted octopus ... aaaawwww love!
you can find more great precious items at abARTig's Dawanda-shop:
a pretty lady sold cute handmade goth babydoll-clothes:
she also sold second hand stuff... and I bought two nice belts there...
at another booth I had to stop by because they had really awesome clothes and brands there - so much shoes and bags and dresses - And the seller were soooooo nice - mother and daughter, took the long way along the rhine from Neuwied to Witten for presenting their shop at the scenemarket. We had a little chat with them and I couldn't resist buying  a  dress and a bolero there (see below)...
she looked so pretty in her Gothiclolita dress 
This shop is soooo awesome - a pity that they don't have an online-shop... but you can find more informations on Facebook:
or visit them in Neuwied, Dierdorfer Str. 128
bags, bags , bags ^^ 
soooooo much dresses   - please send me some money!!! *ha ha*
even for the smallest darklings cute wardrobe... ^^
and these are my hauls from Black'n'Silver:
 this dress is so comfy - and  I've bought a size S - whoa! And it fits perfect! Love that Hi-Lo-Cut .
at the back anatomical prints...
 can' t wait to wear it...  ^^
 this bolero was a must-have - so soft and perfect to combine with everyday clothes...
 and as a little goody they gave me a keychain with a rain-poncho in it... perfect for festivals and vacation...
after shopping we watched the concert of the electropop-band "candyslade" and had some refreshments...

 the kids had a lot of fun, dancing in the dark with the whole colorful lights....
 more lights... i love the way the light hit the floor...
 i love that dragon at the entrance of the "Werk-Stadt"....
next time we wanna visit the market at Pulp in Duisburg, they say that its bigger with a great atmosphere... hope we meet again soon :)
Wish you all a great start into the new week...



  1. That looks like so much fun! The only problem would be not having enough money! I see a few things in the pics I like, trying not to look to hard! Argh! :P

    1. yes... I had to shut my eyes for those antlers at the abARTig booth... they were so adorable... and the pendants... and brooches... and earrings... *sigh* ^^

  2. Oh my!!! A plasure for your and our eyes!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time!!! The money can be the biggest problem with all those beauties around!!

    1. thats true and I am so glad that it wasn't as big as at the Pulp-Club... I think I have to save my money some months before when the market will be at the bigger location the next time....

  3. Was für ein toller Kram-Markt =)
    Deine Ausbeute ist auch wieder toll - und der Poncho ist ja der Hit!

    1. Hihi ja... den Poncho nehme ich auch mit nach Paris... und werde das Plastikteilchen mit Stolz tragen, falls es (bitte nicht) regnen sollte :D aber ich setze damit sicherlich in der Hauptstadt der Haute Couture modische Akzente :D

  4. That octopus is adorable, and black and purple, too! Nice score on the bolero - it's too cute! A shame there was only a handful of booths, but as you say, better for the wallet that way! ;o)

    1. The Octopus is now my new office-buddy... An office-mate said, that its like my little brother, cause its purple and I have (tattooed)tentacles too ^^

      Oh I am so glad that it was such a little fleamarket :D The more booths the higher my credit-line *ha ha* ^^ and it would be awful going to Paris next week without any money ;)