Better late than never! - My Paris hauls Part II

Hey sweeties!
Besides my ultimate Sephora shopocalypse, I found some other nice and small great while strolling around Paris. I didn 't went shopping in Paris, it was more important for me to see as much as I can of this city. But from time to time I found a nice little shop ...
 it was a must to stop by Kusmi Tea at Montmartre... I've bought some nice teas - Peppermint green tea, Rose green tea, strawberry green tea, ginger-lemon green tea and Imperial label (orange and vanilla). I loooooove the teas and  like last year it was so hard to choose. ^^
 some stuff from the catacombs - souvenir shop - a postcard,  a magnet pin and a button ( you cannot have enough buttons!)
But the greatest finding was  this artbook store near Notre Dame - I will come back there next year  - I need more books! This Mark Ryden Artbook was my choice this year... I think I need  more Mark Ryden books soon!!!
Hmmmm... I have to save a lot of money for the next time in Paris... ^^


  1. Yeah to the things you had from the catacombs in Paris ( all of your posts about the trip were amazing! it is a gorgeous country with all the cathedrals and the macabre things we love :D ) and double yeeah to the Mark Ryden Artbook ! Lucky you <3

    1. yes - hooray for those macabre things. I love France so much and I am looking forward for next year. Hope, I can save a bit money meanwhile for a big Mark-Ryden-haul at the artbook store there :D

  2. Wow! Some beautiful artwork. I like the one with the girl by the grave, very Wednesday Addams!



    1. yes , thats the first thing that came in my mind with this pic :)

  3. oh ja du musst weiter überreden :D es lohnt sich so dermaßen!
    und du hast ein artbook von mark ryden *O* wundervoll!

    1. jaaaa ich liebe es - und ich hoffe, es wird nicht mein letztes sein... mein Plan ist es, nächstes Jahr den Laden leer zu kaufen :D