Entering Sephora ~ my shopping hauls from Paris [Part I]

Hey Sweeties...
So sorry that I am so sloppy with blog updating at the moment... I am so exhausted after work and by this way one of my parent's dogs died last weekend. I miss the little fatty so much... and I am trying to focus the little energy I still have on work ...  but I know  I'll be back at my best soon. 
I promised you a blogpost of my shopping hauls in Paris (I divided it in Makeup-hauls and other stuff) - especially Sephora at Champs-Elysées. What an awesome place - so overwhelming  and  such a lot of goodies... it was very hard to hold my money back for the next days... but I 've bought some nice stuff there...
Sephora Eyeshadow in "let it snow"
Benefit ~ They're real mascara (small size)
Ciaté  glitter nail polish
Urban Decay ~  Smoked Eyeshadow Palette
So - here it is... my precious... the smoked palette:
it comes together with a travel size of primer, a 24/7 glide-on eye pencil and a lookbook with nice tricks to get the smoky look... 
 The kajal is great - the black is very deep and it really glides on your eyelid and stays there... love it. But I cannot understand the hype about the primer. I don't like it... really! I am still in love with my NYX primer. For me, its the best base for eyeshadows. The Urban Decay primer is nice to apply , but my eyeshadows are looking grubby and splotchy on my lids ... 
...but the eyeshadows... oooooh... I am so in love!
4 matte colors and one (Mushroom) shimmering... love the texture, its very silky and well-covering. Kinky is great for highlights . Blackout is a perfect deep matte black. They are all easy to apply and perfect for blending out.
shimmering eyeshadows, I was a bit surprised that the colors turned out so dark on my skin...especially "Loaded", it looks very green in the mold but it turns out as a black green on my arm... I love it!^^
and by the way, here is a little swatch of the Sephora "let it snow" Eyeshadow - needed a new white matte one and this one is perfect...
 So - I hope you like my little swatches... By the way I am still waiting for my Detrivore-delivery. I've ordered  some eyeshadows there at the beginning of May... and last Monday (01.07.!) they told me, that my package  has been shipped... I hope it is worth to wait for it for soooo long ^^


  1. I love Urban Decay's Smoked Palette, it is one of my favourites! Rockstar is probably the shadow that I like the most, but I reach for Mushroom a lot at the moment. I really want to try the They're Real mascara but it's so expensive that I can't quite justify it!

  2. I have that Benefit mascara - I get a lot of compliments when I wear it! I have Urban Decay's Black palette and I love it - this smoked one looks awesome, too. Thanks for posting the swatches.