Emptied ~ May - August 2013

Hey sweeties...
My emptied-box is bristeling - so I decided. it's time for an emptied-post today :) so here are the things I've emptied the last 3 months...
treaclemoon ~ one ginger morning shower gel
I loooove it, it smells so great, ginger and freshly squeezed lemons, the best start for a day and a really big bottle (500 ml), I've bought a new one. My favourite shower gel for sure.  ~ TOP!
yes to carrots ~ nourishing shower gel
a sample size out of the Glossy Box, it doesn't smell like carrots, boring... and made my skin dry. ~ FAIL!
CD ~ Citrus Deo Spray
I really love that scent but it didn't work after some weeks of use. So I won't buy it again. ~ OK!
Dove ~ maximum protection
The best antiperspirant ever. It works and it never fails. I've bought it again. Really recommend it! ~ TOP!
bigsexyhair ~ spray & play
Volumizing hair spray. I've expected a lot when I found this sample size in my Glossy Box - it was okay but nothing to speak of. ~ OK!
algemarina ~ Trockenshampoo
It smells nice, its my favourite dry shampoo spray and its affordable. You can brush it out well. I've bought a new bottle. ~ TOP!
Annemarie Börlind ~ Aquanature revitalizing eye pads
cooling gel-eye pads, refreshing and smoothing. It felt so good on my eyes and its perfect after a long night. Awesome but very expensive (I had a sample in a Glossy Box). Maybe I will buy them one day... ~ TOP!
Lush ~ BB Seaweed fresh face mask
I like that mask, it makes my skin soft and its very refreshing, but after 2 weeks it began to get moldy. So I had to throw more than the half away... I will buy it again, but the next time I will freeze some portions. ~ OK!
Weleda ~ Iris refreshing face mask
You know, I am not a fan of Weleda. I don't like the products. And this face mask didn't convinced me too. ~ FAIL!
soap & glory ~ The daily smooth body butter
ooooooh yes, that smell and its so deep nourishing and moisturizing. Awesome. Will buy it again. ~ TOP!
L'occitane ~ concentre de lait
Soooo good, but this sample was insufficient for my whole body. I really love that scent and it makes my skin so soft. Maybe I will buy a big jar when I will be back in Paris next year. ~ TOP!
Venus ~ sea salt body scrub
My long runner. I've shown it in my last emptied post. It smells like rosemary and it peels my skin perfectly. It feels like thousand sparkles on my skin after shower and you don't need any bodylotion after this treatment. Will buy more sachets soon. ~ TOP!
essence ~ soft touch mousse male-up
matt ivory is perfect matching with my skin. I love the texture and it lasts a whole party night. It also mattyfies perfect and its low in price. ~ TOP!
Garnier ~ Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (matte)
*sigh* I don't wanna buy Garnier-stuff anymore. But my search for the perfect mattifying BB-cream seems to never end... and this one is the best I've found so far. ~ OK!
benefit ~ they're real! mascara
a sample size out of a glossy box. And I was impressed. My lashes are full and long and deep deep black with this mascara. Bought a new small-sized at Sephora in Paris. I think I will buy it again. ~ TOP!
Manhattan ~ Eyemazing Liner 
Love the deep matte black of that liner and it lasts the whole day and night. But I think the thin tip is drying out after some uses. ~ OK!
Astor ~ Eyebrow Pencil
My favourite black eyebrow pencil. I've bought a new one for sure. It's the best black and it glides easily on my skin. ~ TOP!
L de Lolita Lempicka
I love the scents of Lolita Lempicka. This one was emptied so fast. ~ TOP!
daily microfoilant and
ultra calming mist
I am a big sucker for dermalogica. So sad that its high in price. 
The daily microfoilant is a powder which, mixed with water, is a perfect peeling for your skin.It made my skin so soft. The mist was the perfect addition to this peeling. ~ TOP!
essence ~ nail polish remover strawberry-passionfruit
Nice scent. It doesn't smell like nail polish and it removes my polish thoroughly. ~ TOP!
La Roche -Posay
Toleriane Eye Makeup remover
My absolute favourite makeup-remover. Got this one from a good friend, she is working in a pharmacy and got this for me. It's so gentle to my sensitive eyes and it comes in convenient vials. I will buy this again, when I am the next time in France, cause you get it there for a reduced rate. ~ TOP!
Balea young ~ cleansing wipes Green Coconut
A limited edition. Love that scent like Pina Colada. The Balea cleansing wipes always are nice and the price is also nice. But it doesn't beat all of my eye makeup... ~ OK!
Alterna ~ Bamboo ~ Color Hold + Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair mask
aaaah... Alterna, I love you! Maybe I will buy the whole set in original size one day, I love that scent, it makes my hair shiny, soft and my Stargazer haircolor lasts 1/3 longer than with other products. ~ TOP!
So - this was my review of my emptied stuff of the last three months ... I hope it was a bit useful ;)
Oh and I am looking forward for 2 weeks off - so I have enough time to write a load of more posts in this time.  ;)



While we devotin', full time to floatin' ~ under the sea (Part II)

...Octo-Puss meets new friends!
Hey sweeties!
Its 4 months ago since I've got my Octo-Puss on my right leg. I am planning a full creepy-but-cute underwater leg and my tentacled cat was the first step for this project. 
Yesterday it was time for two new friends: Frankenstein's Mermaid and her little fellow, the deepsea-fish (I don't know his name - maybe you know the perfect name?). 
After I did a looooooad of sketches I choosed **this one** - and together with the tattoo-artist, we created a sexy pinup undead mermaid :)
after 1,5 hours ~ the outlines were finished... 
 I was in the belief that we only do the outlines at this day... but then Felix got the colors out... wheeeee....
And this is the work of almost 4 hours...
its not finished yet and the tips of her tail and her hair were a pain in the ass... but I am soooo happy - and I really love the colors of my sexy hot undead girl :)
Hope, I am getting one date more this year, but my tattoo-artist is fully booked for this year ~ but maybe he find some hours in between for me.
Wish you all a great start into the new week :-*


July Instagram Instants

Hey Sweeties!
I didn't forgot showing you my impressions of the last month... so here we go:
 my first niece is here... Isn't she beautiful? The proud auntie...
 and the proud uncle :)
 waited for soooo long... and I love my new eyeshadows!
art art art... so curious - next Saturday its time for my mermaid-tattoo! yay!
 hmmmm nom... lemon-cheesecake joghurt with waffle-cubes... so damn good!
we tried some new cocktails at work... this is the result XD
 Pat's best friend married .... and this is me and my beloved sister-in-law at the wedding - she is so adorable! 
 this is Lou - he is a handicapped cat - but look - isn't he cute? I love his squint ^^ 
 I am missing Paris so much...so here is an antidote against my travel bug... 
 I am so in love with my new Totoro-shirt ^^ 
 Lush - Time 
Meow-shirt for Meeow ^^ 
 the nodding Astra-pitbull :) 
so - this was my July-roundup... hope you enjoyed it a bit :) 


Beetles and Lobsters...

...or: finally, my Detrivore-delivery is here!!!!
Hey Sweeties!
It takes almost 3 months for receiving my Detrivore eyeshadows... It was a long time to wait (they needed more than 1 month for getting off) and I was almost dissatisfied, that I was like "never again I'll do an order at Detrivore", but when the precious colors were in my mail last week, I forgot the waiting-time and was more like "damn it - I need more of it soon!" 
I choosed a lot of green and grey shades, matte and also shimmery and glittery - and 3 sample shades...
 Abyss ~ Gargoyle ~ Smog
 Abyss is a black matte eye shadow. I am searching for a really really deep matte black for my eyes -
 but I think this is a neverending story. This black is nice, but its not that deep dark I'm searching for...
Gargoyle is my absolutely favourite. Its so pretty and I cannot capture the whole beauty of this sparkling eyeshadow with my cam... but you should take a look  **here**
Gargoyle is a satin stone grey eyeshadow full with purple glitter. Its so beautiful... I love it!
Smog is a blueish gray shimmering eye shadow. Its very lushly and bright.
 Dormant ~ Sacred ~ Livor Mortis
Dormant is  a bluesh lavender purple with pink shimmer. I thought it is  a lot of deeper like on the pic of  Detrivore, but its a lot of lighter and the pink shimmer doesnt turn out well.  but also a very nice color...
 Sacred is a violet shimmering eyeshadow with a black base. Its very easy to blend so I think this one is perfect for smokey-looks...
Livor Mortis was one of those colors, I saw at the homepage and thought "OMG, I have to buy it!!!  It's black based with dark pink shimmer, its really high pigmented and full of glittery shimmer and perfectly dark!  A must have for little darklings!
Swamp ~ Chimera ~ Plague
 Swamp is a  light green satin with yellow gold and  green shimmer.
 Its very intense and bright. One of those perfect greens...
Chimera is a flop in my opinion.  Its a green matte.  It doesn't cover well and I needed a lot of eyeshadow to get a good swatch for you. I love bright and vibrant colors - but this one is  a bit lame.  
Plague is a very dark green eyeshadow with a turquoise shimmer. Very nice and well covering. Also one of those smokey colors. 
Asylum ~ Amazon
Asylum is a teal, blue green matte eyeshadow. In comparison to Chimera, its more intense and bright. Love that vibrant color. Maybe I will buy a full size...
Amazon is soooo beautiful. I've bought a sample size but I will buy it in original size with my next order. Its a bright leapfrog green with silver sparkles. 
 Bone ~ Cremains
Searching for the perfect matte white? Bone is my holy grail! Its matte, its bright white... its well covering... its perfect!
 Cremains reminds me of those sugar-matte black nail polishes of Kiko and of  grip-tapes on skateboards. Its a dark grey with silver shimmering sparkles in it.It is very well covering, perfect for blending and creating a dramatic smokey grey look. I will buy it in original size with my next order there.
So, I hope you liked my swatch-o-calypse :)
Have an awesome Sunday!