Beetles and Lobsters...

...or: finally, my Detrivore-delivery is here!!!!
Hey Sweeties!
It takes almost 3 months for receiving my Detrivore eyeshadows... It was a long time to wait (they needed more than 1 month for getting off) and I was almost dissatisfied, that I was like "never again I'll do an order at Detrivore", but when the precious colors were in my mail last week, I forgot the waiting-time and was more like "damn it - I need more of it soon!" 
I choosed a lot of green and grey shades, matte and also shimmery and glittery - and 3 sample shades...
 Abyss ~ Gargoyle ~ Smog
 Abyss is a black matte eye shadow. I am searching for a really really deep matte black for my eyes -
 but I think this is a neverending story. This black is nice, but its not that deep dark I'm searching for...
Gargoyle is my absolutely favourite. Its so pretty and I cannot capture the whole beauty of this sparkling eyeshadow with my cam... but you should take a look  **here**
Gargoyle is a satin stone grey eyeshadow full with purple glitter. Its so beautiful... I love it!
Smog is a blueish gray shimmering eye shadow. Its very lushly and bright.
 Dormant ~ Sacred ~ Livor Mortis
Dormant is  a bluesh lavender purple with pink shimmer. I thought it is  a lot of deeper like on the pic of  Detrivore, but its a lot of lighter and the pink shimmer doesnt turn out well.  but also a very nice color...
 Sacred is a violet shimmering eyeshadow with a black base. Its very easy to blend so I think this one is perfect for smokey-looks...
Livor Mortis was one of those colors, I saw at the homepage and thought "OMG, I have to buy it!!!  It's black based with dark pink shimmer, its really high pigmented and full of glittery shimmer and perfectly dark!  A must have for little darklings!
Swamp ~ Chimera ~ Plague
 Swamp is a  light green satin with yellow gold and  green shimmer.
 Its very intense and bright. One of those perfect greens...
Chimera is a flop in my opinion.  Its a green matte.  It doesn't cover well and I needed a lot of eyeshadow to get a good swatch for you. I love bright and vibrant colors - but this one is  a bit lame.  
Plague is a very dark green eyeshadow with a turquoise shimmer. Very nice and well covering. Also one of those smokey colors. 
Asylum ~ Amazon
Asylum is a teal, blue green matte eyeshadow. In comparison to Chimera, its more intense and bright. Love that vibrant color. Maybe I will buy a full size...
Amazon is soooo beautiful. I've bought a sample size but I will buy it in original size with my next order. Its a bright leapfrog green with silver sparkles. 
 Bone ~ Cremains
Searching for the perfect matte white? Bone is my holy grail! Its matte, its bright white... its well covering... its perfect!
 Cremains reminds me of those sugar-matte black nail polishes of Kiko and of  grip-tapes on skateboards. Its a dark grey with silver shimmering sparkles in it.It is very well covering, perfect for blending and creating a dramatic smokey grey look. I will buy it in original size with my next order there.
So, I hope you liked my swatch-o-calypse :)
Have an awesome Sunday!


  1. Your posts always make me want to buy more makeup :) That white matte is really amazing!

    1. hihi thats what some friends said to me - I shall stop blogging about makeup cause I force them to buy more and more *lol*

      Yes that white is awesome - and so economical. I have the feeling that this little tin never will be emptied :D

  2. I get lust for blending my own eyeshadows :). I bought mineral pigment at a web store and made some face powder.

    1. aaaawwww I wanna see them when you did some on your own! So curious!

  3. Oh, sind wirklich ein paar sehr schöne Farben dabei! :)
    Aber mach bitte PIEP, wenn du das Ultimative Schwarz gefunden hast - ich suche auch schon gefühlte Jahrhunderte und werde immer nur enttäuscht. :/

    1. ich piepe ganz laut, sobald ich was gefunden habe ^^

  4. Für ein tiefes schwarz kannst du auch direkt die ungestreckten Pigmente selbst verwenden. http://www.occmakeup.com/pcp.html hier gibt es die z.B Aber das ist auch "nur" schwarzes Eisenoxid. Das ist halt ein normales Mineral, vllt bekommt man das in kosmetischer Reinheit auch woanders etwas günstiger. Aber das sollte dann wirklich seeehr sparsam eingesetzt werden, aber das wird tiefschwarz und ist matt :)

  5. Kurzes Suchen ergab z.B Das hier: http://www.makingcosmetics.com/Iron-Oxide-Black-p122.html

    1. aaaawwww das ist super :) dankefein - da schau ich doch mal und teste das bei Zeiten :-*