Wanna date a handsome Blackmetal Guy?

~ so what about my twin brother? 
 Hey Sweeties ~

I was invited to a theme party - so I studied some youtube-tutorials and worked with brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner... and Pat lent me his wardrobe... ;)

 Me and my bro...

concentrated masculinity: The guys...

pure sexiness: the ladies...


I solemnly swear I'm up to no good

Hey Sweeties!
Yes - I did it - yesterday I visited my favourite tattoo parlour and I got my deepseafish colored and another little goody for me....
I am sooooo happy :3
And I saved the next date for more ink in January - working again on my underwater leg ^^ yay!


I'm a Kittycat.. and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance ^^

or: Outfit of the day: New Kitty Dress =^^=
Hey Sweeties ~
Last week I was shopping at H&M and found my new favourite dress... and of course I had to wear it as soon as possible...
Dress ~ H&M
Tights ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Primark
scarf ~ Second Hand
fake docs ~ ebay
bag ~ Iron Fist
and now: please excuse me... I have to meow meow meow and to meow meow meow ;) 


Rah Rah ah ah ah roma roma ma Gaga ooh la la....

...or: Outfit of the day... 
Hey Sweeties ~
~ on Monday I found my Lady Gaga Shirt when I tidied up the walk-in-closet... so it was time to take Miss Gaga out ... 
Shirt + Leggings ~ Primark
Longtop ~ Gina Tricot
Boots ~ Jeffrey Campbell
I love the Back Offs - they are so comfy and make long legs :) awesome boots! 


[outfit of the day] Dark Saturday 09/2013

...oh... I am looking so green ^^

Hey sweeties ~
~ last Saturday was Dark Saturday working time, so I choosed comfy shoes for my outfit....
jacket ~ Tally Weijl
dress ~ Kreepsville666
tights ~ Primark
shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell
cameo necklace ~ Too Fast


My little Pony Unicorn Fairy Princess Glitter Sugarshock Mermaid nails

Hey sweeties ~
~ I've bought a big bottle of lavender-iridescent-Glitter at Xenos last week... for some DIY things and paintings... but then I had the idea of a very blingbling nailart...
you need:
nail polish in...
light pink/lavender (I used Manhattan Quick Dry Nail Polish, 26S)
violet (I used Catrice, 800 Heavy Metallilac)
light turquoise (I used Nyx, NGP 175 Mermaid Green)
turquoise-blue (I used P2 fly me to the moon LE, 030 turquoise galaxy)
Gel-like Topcoat (Catrice)
and of course: Glitter (DIY Glitter from crafting shop)
First step:
Apply the light lavender nail polish on the whole nail.
Second step:
Dab with the help of a sponge (cut into little cubes) the violet nail polish on 3/4 of the nail. Then follow dabbing the light turquoise 1/2 of the nail and the dark turquoise at the tips.
Third step:
Apply the topcoat and powder it immedeatly with glitter, remove too much glitter with the help of a fan-brush.
Fourth step:
Apply 2 coats of topcoat and let it all dry.
Tadaaaaa - Fairy nails ^^
I wish I took pics of the steps but I didn't thought that the convenient crafting glitter comes out so great...
Hope you like my little tutorial.


[Look of the day] black and white

Hey sweeties ~
it's some weeks ago but I wanna show you on of my favourite combinations with my Beetlejuice-Wetlook-Legs...
Leggings ~ Black Milk
Shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell
long top (underneath) ~ Gina Tricot
batwinged top ~ Primark
belt ~ Monki
spider brooch ~ restyle.pl
 it's hard to catch the shinyness of the wetlook legs...


August Instagram Instants

Hey Sweeties...
OMG I am so sloppy in recent weeks. I had so much to do. Office work was killing me (I did holiday replacement for 2 and illness replacement for 1) and now I have some free days off. Pat & I were in the Netherlands last week and we finished our balcony ~ yes I know, Summer is over but better late than never for getting a beautiful wooden floor at Balconia. I will show you soon :)
So - lets start the anti-sloppy-weeks with the old-but-gold Instagram Instants of last month...
 Enjoying the sun with my big love :)
and having coffee with Romeo...
It was Ink-time - yaaaay!

and a new idea again...
yummy yum yum content
 crazy Ahoj-Brause-Yoghurt, woodruff-yoghurt with white chocolate covered fizzy chunks. 
 cheesy cheese-rolls for the girls :)
(had a girl's night at home and it was so much fun)
 hmmm nom.... so healthy :)
 even Mr. Sugarpurr is longing for some free days...
 a gift for a good friend - made a froggy pond :)
and I got a package from the cute Kakuidori - bought new Jeffrey Campbell's from her - now I have Back Offs - I am sooooo happy!

 and look what was also inside the package...
she is such a cutie :)
Hope you enjoyed the last moth.
Wish you all an awesome weekend (I have to work tonight at Dark Saturday).