We survived doomsday celebration

...or: an epic New Year's Eve!
Hey sweeties!
Yesterday was one of the best parties of the past year - we were invited at our friends Zombrina and Manny and we had a great evening with a lots of beer, our dearest friends, a burning trash can, noodlesalad, Polish cakes and a lot of fun!
 Manny, Jay and Pat
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
leggings: Primark
velvet jacket: New Yorker
skirt: H&M
furry hoodie: Primark
 the beautiful Gravefruit Garden with the most sexiest sunglasses of the evening!
I am the pretzel stick vampire...
 I really adore Kitten's Dinosaur Hoodie... so damn cute!
Hope you had a very great and epic and awesome New Year's Eve too!

Happy New Year - and Happy Birthday!

Hey sweeties!
I wish you all a great new year 2013 - for my little blog it's time to celebrate the 1st birthday today - I am so happy and proud about this :) 
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 thank you all sooooo much!
But the new year is full of resolutions - I wanna be more active in different ways - more active on my blog, more active at sport and also more active being creative. I am a very tenacious one - so I think I will do my best.
I am looking back on 2012 as a year with highest ups and lowest downs - I travelled to Berlin, Netherlands and Paris, my beloved auntie died, my old car brake down, I bought the car of my dreams, I get some new piercings and also lost some, I met new people and also new friends, I worked too much, gained too much weight, restarted with sport and discovered Zumba, I didn't visit any festival and christmas market, I am still deeply in love with my boyfriend, I get the most touching christmas present in the form of a letter from my brother, my hard work got rewarded, after 10 years of black hair I changed it into purple... 
2013 is full of big plans - and I hope they all come true...
What are your resolutions and plans for the new year?