Hauls from Nijmegen...

...tea, tea and tea!
Hey sweeties -
two days before Christmas I went with Pat for a little shoppingtrip to Nijmegen in the Netherlands. It's only 1,5 hours away from our home so from time to time we like to do a little short-trip to our neighbours.
 I needed a new teapot - but never found something adequate. But then I stopped by at one of my favourite shops in Nijmegen (the city is full of little cozy colorful shops) and I found a great big (1,5 l) tea pot. It's a chinese one made out of metal and ... it's pink! I love it!
The shop is full with crazy and colorful things - I wanted to take some pics but I forgot my cam and my mobile was almost empty... but the next time I will take some!
I also bought a card with octopusses - wanna frame it for the bathroom. And a funny plain book for my selfmade recipes and notes (eat cake, bitches!):
 After we strolled a bit around the cute citycenter, we stopped on our way home at Albert Heijn - it's a big supermarket-chain in Holland and we like to shop there some local specialities - and there I discovered great teas:
Black tea - peppermint chocolate - it tastes a bit like after eight - so yummy!
Black tea - apple pie - it reminds me on "Gwendalinas Backäpfelchen" from Tee Gschwender. It tastes like apples and almonds and a bit like marzipan. 
Rooibos - pink pepper orange - sounds amazing but tastes, as opposed to the other teas, a bit too mild. 
Green & White tea - jasmine strawberry - my favourite! So delicious with a little hint of strawberry and a nice jasmine-note!
Next time, I will buy more tea - you get 20 sachets for 1,45 € at Albert Heijn.
Are you also a bit tea addicted?