A storm is approaching...

...the Sleek Storm Palette!
 Hey sweeties,
last week I stepped by kosmetik4less.de and I thought, it was time for a new Sleek palette for my collection... like the Curacao Palette and Acid or Me, Myself and Eye.
I always love the matte cases of the Sleek palettes - even though you can see every fingermark... *sigh*
Hmmmm.. finally some neutral and metallic shades for my collection... a mix of metallic and matte eyeshadows...
The upper row is a mix of light shades - 5 metallic and 1 matte tone. The metallic ones are copper, silver, yellow-golden, red-golden and bronze. The matte one is a dark sand-beige.
the lower row is more darker, like the colors of the sky when a storm is coming... 4 metallic and 2 matte shades. It contains a brown-metallic, gunmetal grey metallic, dark green metallic, dark blue iridescent metallic, a matte light-brown and a matte anthracite black.
The texture is - like the other eyeshadows of Sleek - very smooth, high-pigmented and easy to blend - the palette contains a perfect mix for day and night - I can use it for my everyday-office look and also for a dramatical look for party-nights.
So - what do you think about the palette?