January Instagram Instants

...WTF? the first month of the year is over!? O.o
Hey sweeties,
the January passed by so fast, I cannot believe that!
So here are my few instagram pics for the monthly flashback....
Mister Sugarpurr did a brief visit at my office... ;)
 another office-sketch - I often draw while I am talking on the phone - felt a bit burtonesque this day... ^^
 hmmmmm makeup!
 and my beautiful corset from restyle ... looooove!
the yummy content - I tried to cook healthy and low carb - and I've tried out some new great recipes - like mexican salad with corn, tomatoes and kohlrabi or sesame bites with avocado-pear salad with pine nuts...hmmmm so good!
 the obligatory cat content - tried out a new app on my phone - love that texture of the photos...
hmmmm big big shopping haul at lush - 50% off :)
having a great time with new and old friends in Cologne - awesome night! 
and one of the rare moments with a bit of sun in January... 
And how was your January?