Oh... mail from UK! What a surprise ^^

...or: sometimes I am a little space cadet...
Hey sweeties -
- yesterday arrived a "surprise" of MUA UK *look here for the shop* with the mail...
However, sometimes I am a little monkey ... ^ ^ '

I had tried to take part at the big sale at MUA but the homepage constantly lubricated when I went virtually for checkout - it was a mess - everyone seemed to go crazy for the sale there and I gave up shopping after a while ... then I no longer checked my Paypal account (it also disappeared a bit in recent ebay shopping madness)
I also got no payment receipt or notify about the shipping ...
You would even have to see my puzzled face as the postman thrusted me the big envelope from the UK in my hands.Quelle surprise ;)
So here are my unexpected hauls:
nail polish, BB creams, plumping lipgloss, a kabuki brush and a lot of eyeshadows ^^
I will do a single post for the BB creams, they are sealed and I don't want to open them until my actual BB Cream is empty.
The immaculate collection palette
 nice idea: a little tutorial for a eyemakeup-look on the backside of this palette (I think I will try that look)
This palette is the perfect travel-palette for me - I have all shades and colors I need and its in a very handy size.
 metallic-shimmer and matte eyeshadows...
I did the swatches without any base or primer.
upper row:
under artificial light...
in daylight
my favorite color is the metallic copper (2nd from left) the blueish grey (3rd from right) and the deep blackened duochrome blue (2nd from right)
middle row:
 under artificial light
 the silver metallic is nice - but I am a bit dissatisfied with the purple - it's a bit pale without a primer - but I will try it with a good base soon, cause I really love that eggplanty purple...
lower row:
under artificial light...
and in daylight.
The pinky purple at the right is my absolute favorite of that palette - it has a great duochrome shimmer which varies from light blue to violet - beautiful! The matte white in the middle is a bit disappointing.
The glitterball palette
upper row:
 under artificial light....
 and in daylight.
The black is awesome - its very deep black with a little hint of silver glitter. 
lower row:
under artificial light...
 and in daylight - look that great shimmer - I love the soft texture of the shimmering eyeshadows - they are easy to blend and to apply. 
I've never used plumping lipgloss:
It's the out there plumping lipgloss in "Buff" - I really like the combination of nude lips and dark eyemakeup...
 waiting some minutes after applying the gloss tingles and bites a bit on the lips - I think, this must be the plumping-effect ...or something like that ^^
The nail polish:
Its Mystical Glitter Nails in "Mermai"
 its a light blue with little glitters...
Matte Eyeshadow shade 20
a perfect matte black - deep - well covering - great and easy to blend...
too sad, that MUA have only a few matte eyeshadows - a matte white with the same quality and covering-features would be awesome!
And the kabuki brush:
 a soft big powder brush - because of its compact lenght, I will use it especially for travelling...
Summarizing: The quality is great for this awesome price - I am very pleased and I think its not the last order there... 
what are your experiences with MUA? Let me know!