The Boyfriend Tag...

...or: what facts does Mr. Meeow know about Meeow...

Hey sweeties!

Yesterday I found a great blogpost on  The Countess' Blog - yes I know - I am a little bit late with some Valentine's Day stuff - but I am not into such candysweetromanticblablabla so it doesn't matter to me ;)
But this tag was so cute that I forced Pat to answer the questions - and I was amazed how good my boy knows me... it is a bit... scary *lol*
so - here we go...all cursive things are my statements ;)
She is sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen?
When I'm not around most likely sex and the city...or something from Tim Burton...or something with cute animals ^^

- bwaha - yes - he knows what I like to watch... ^^
You are out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Oil and vinegar I guess

- hmmm nope - the most oil-and-vinegar-dressings at restaurants are awful - I prefer joghurt-dressings - but at home I always prepare oil-and-vinegar for salad
What is one food she doesn't like?
Cordon Bleu...sadly

- to be exact I think combinations of meat are disgusting... Ham+Schnitzel or minced meat+Ham... uaaaaah... ghastly! But one of my most-hated dishes are: Toast/Schnitzel or Pizza Hawaii (Ham+pineapple) O.o
You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?
Diet Coke or wine

- hmmm that would be favorites to me... thats true ^^ or maybe a nice cocktail... 
What size shoe does she wear?
ehm 40? 41? Something like that...smaller than me but shes always complaining that its too much for a girl ^^

- yes - Jackpot! And I really hate my big feet!
If she was collecting anything what would it be?Nail polish!! Shes got more of them than I have band shirts and thats something hard to bet!
- oh yes... he goes mad with my nailpolish everywhere in our apartment ... I think he is a bit tainted with that now :D
What is her favorite type of sandwich?
Cheese and tomatoes?

- hmmmm nom... but I also love veggi-patties and tuna ^^
What would this person eat everyday if she could?
You cant go wrong with cheese here too ^^

- indeed... cheese on tons of pasta or pizza ^^
What is her favourite cereal?
Oh she like this organic stuff no man would ever eat

- yes - and everything with nuts! Nuts nuts nuts!
 What's her favourite music?
Batcave, Horrorpunk, Rockabilly and other weird stuff

- bingo, Honey - but this was way too easy *lol*
What's her favourite sports team?
Shes not really into watching sports but if she had to name one its probably BVB (the soccer team of Dortmund)

- right!
What's her eye colour?
Brown. You know that kind of brown the wood in car interiors are.

- I love this compliment - isn't he cute? I think he is !
Who's her best friend?
She told me once she quit having BFFs. Shes got many close friends though.

- a very attentive boy - I have some really close friends - you can say, they are my besties
What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't?
I dont know...burping/farting? xD

- oh yes... please... XD
What's her heritage/where she's from?
Castrop-Rauxel. 'nuff said.

- hey, he is from Oer-Erkenschwick... 'nuff said :P
You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?
A vegan cake with a funny image on top.

- love!
Did she play any sports?
Shes into fitness. She goes to the Gym like 2-3 times a week. Do you know Zumba where girls jump around like they're nuts? 

- he must think about Zumba, that we all jump around like mentally deranged persons... ^^

What could she spend hours doing?
Wrinting her blog, takeing pictures of nail polish or food she made

- true ^^
What is one unique talent she has?
Drawing. Shes paints amazing pictures!

- cutie! Luv u! 
Isn't he sweet? ;)