Birthday-bashing again...

...the heavy (pic)-load of lots of gifts!
Hey Sweeties!
My birthday party was totally awesome - even though I was in the early stages of my flu - A lot of friends were there. (I tried to keep it smaller than the last years - wanted to invite only close friends - but a lot of them set up a relationship - so the number of guests grew and grew)
And I got soooooo much gifts... wow - I am totally over the moon with so much presents! My friends are so sweet!
so lets begin the heavy pic load....
The kitchen-content
magical... adorable... and crazy - I always wanted to be honored for my work as kitchen fairy - so here are my magical salt and pepper wands! Yeah! So funny to swipe the wand over the food to make meals marvelous!
I suppose that my friends are assuming that I will bake a lots of nice things for them... I got a pink (!!!!) cake pops-maker from one of my best friends and suitable baking- and icing-mix... other friends gave me that cake-pops-book and aren't that kitty-cookie-molds adorable?
Besides my gifts, the lovely Telfe brought me some tea - I love green tea ... and I am curious about the tea rose...
 curious about the taste of the truffle oil (cannot smell and taste it yet because of my flu)
The beauty-content
 soooooo much Lush-stuff from Fabi&Wiebke 
and everything I love - My Jasmin&Henna fluff eaze is nearly empty - so great to have more of that awesome hair-treatment - and the Cupcake & Cosmetic Warrior masks are my alltime favourites ~ really curious about the pink bathbomb ^^
 and again Lush ^^ Thanks again Namru & Jonah!
sweetie pie showerjelly 
Godmother soap
and shimmy shimmy glitter massage bar
This body- and handlotions are smelling so damn delicious, I wanna eat them ^^
Very curious about this high-end-eyemakeup-remover :)
hmmmm lavender bath bomb
 so curious about this nail art bubbles - always wanted to try caviarnails ~ maybe I will try it for the next weekend
and some more things...
 This is definitely the coziest and best travelling pillow! I love this black cat and at the moment, its perfect for lying around sick on the couch the whole day without getting neck pain!
This is such an awesome scarf - a friend of mine did it by herself - I looooove selfmade gifts! And this Poe-neckerchief is so gorgeous! Look at the cute little raven ;)
 yeah! The first volume of The walking dead comicbook! My brother knows what I like ;)
 cause I am a business woman, I need a calendar for all my meetings and dates ;)
 look at those gorgeous batty-earrings!!!! 
The lovely and pretty Gravefruit Garden did a wonderful birthday card and a piece of poetry for me - she is so creative!
besides that awesome card and a damn-yummy-cake (need the recipe!) ~ she and her husband took care that I dont run out of reading-material ;)
And last but not least: the nonsense-content
 uhmmm, yeah... this gorgeous *cough* bathtub plug was the secret superstar of my birthday party... ^^'
great goodie-box... bunny ears, Monster High accessoires, stickers and a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton ^^
 Henriette loves her new bunny-ears :D
All in all I am totally overwhelmed about so much gifts - thats so awesome ^^ thanks again to all my friends for that great night! Oh - and I will post the recipe of my killer-cold-punch soon ;)
So - what is your favourite?

and again... CAT FLU!

Hey Sweeties...
...it's enough to drive you up the wall... I am ill - again... the flu epidemic caught me - and because its not enough to get snort, hoarseness and cough, I got a stomach bug... hmpf! I am sick on leave since Thursday - hope I can enjoy the easter weekend a little bit - cause I wanna visit a lot of friends and my family... *siiiighhhhhh*
But enough time for preparing a heavy load of pics for you the next days...
As appetizer I did some pics of my two "nurses" today, who are enjoying the spring sun. (It's so beautiful outside, blue sky, sun, but damn cold!)...
 Luna and the big fatty Romeo ;) are enjoying the sun...
my little pudge ...