Glossybox March 2013

...probation period: passed! ;)
Hey sweeties!
As I told you with my last Glossybox (The Valentine's edition), I will give the box another try. And last  Monday the box arrived at Meeow-mansion. 
All in all I can say, that the box is quite nice - I like the assortment and the colors of the lipgloss and the shimmering pigments are really okay.
It's the anniversary box cause Glossybox turned 2 years!
This time, they packed the goodies in a dopp kit - thats great - and really useful with its Pockets.The theme was travelling and so you got a little travelling book with some tipps for trips and cute stickers.
The bag... :)
 the content...
 1. Da Vinci cosmetics ~ Mineral Shimmer [fullsize, 1,75 g € 11,20]
A versatile product, you can use those pigments for eyes, lips, as blush, mixed in your lipgloss or nailpolish. I like the copper metallic shimmer, its very smooth and easy to apply and well covering...
2. Eau Thermale Avène [sample size, 50 ml app. € 2,50]
I really like that product. I never expected to buy thermal-water-spray but this spray is great. It feels so fresh and good on the skin. It also helps irritated skin, is refreshing after sports, after shaving, after sun and so much other things. Its perfume free and this sample has the perfect size for my bag ~ it will be a good buddy in the summertime!
3. Mary Kay NouriShine Plus lip gloss [fullsize, € 15,00, 4,5 ml] Color: possibilities
another fullsize product. This gloss is longlasting and non-sticky. I love that pretty bright pink with its glitter inside... also love that packaging. But what I really recommend is, that Mary Kay continuously seeks opportunities to improve our environmental performance and find ways to be even more sustainable and green. (look at: pink changing lives)

 4. Prija ~ vitalizing bath cream gold [41 ml, € 4,95]
Hmmmm... its with ginseng - and I must say, that it smells like cough and cold preparations ~ not very unpleasantly but also hmmm... healthy? Don't know. But I will try it ~ cause I want to take a bath in gold! ^^
5. Sans Soucis ~ Anti Age Radiance Feel the Glow ~ vitalizing day care [sample size, 15 ml app. € 8,40]
This cream with dragonfruit-extract is vitalizing and has shimmering pigments. I really love the scent and on my hand, the skin absorbes the cream immediately - will try it the next days.
 6. Weleda ~refreshing lemon moisturizer [sample size, app. € 0,99]
And again Weleda, its okay, yes, I love lemon-scent, but its not a really highlight. But I will use it, cause my skin feels refreshed after applying that lemon-lotion...
So whats you opinion? Glossybox March 2013: Yay or nay? ;)

[recipe] The cold-killer-jello-punch

...caution: don't drink more than 4 glasses! XD
I promised to write about the bad bad punch I served on my birthday party... so here is the recipe:
 The cold-killer-jello-punch-of-doom ;)
You need:
1 can of peaches, cut in pieces
2 cans of pineapple, cut in pieces
5 limes
5 kiwi
2 packages of woodruff-jello (I used instant jelly - its without gelatine)
1 bottle vodka
3/4 bottle brandy
1 bottle white wine
1-2 bottles prosecco
300 g sugar
wash the limes under hot water and cut them into pieces, peel of the kiwis and cut them too... put them together with the peaches and pineapples in a big bowl or bucket. Dash them with the brandy and 3/4 of the vodka. Put one package of jello to the mixture. Marinade it overnight on a cool place.
Prepare the jelly with the other package and the rest of the vodka and a bit water. Cool it down for some hours until its stiff.
The next day stir the sugar with a cup of water until the sugar resolves. (Its neccessary cause the sugar wouldnt resolve soon in the alcoholic mixture). Sweeten the punch with this sugar as you like.
Prepare the rest immediately before serving - cut the jello into pieces,  add it to the fruits. Add the wine and the prosecco and now:
enjoy (but don't drink to much - its very devious!