...and now I am transforming into a Sharkie...

...or: addicted to Blackmilk ~ love at first sight!
Hey sweeties!
Soooo happy - I gave myself last Thursday a birthday gift and did my first order at Blackmilk.
Shipment was pretty fast - I clicked on the FedEx-site several times a day for tracking my package. And yesterday my two beauties arrived me from their long way from Down Under ...
 Romeo thought the FedEx envelope is filled with catnip for him...
 after I wrested it from the beast, I opened it and a shiny sealed treasure appeared...
 whohoo - The limited Wet Look Beetlejuice and the Birth of Venus 2.0 in black ... and so much stickers ^^
It is a pity that I was at home ... together with my flu... so I only had a little legs-party by myself together with my new two friends... ^^
 love that scene so much.... and the leggings feel so comfy!
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice ^^
 and have a look at my cute bat-socks ;) *lol*
 and: The best cure for a sore throat is a Poe-scarf indeed :D