[face of the day] dark green & gold

Hey sweeties!
This week is busy busy busy again... but I am looking forward, cause its my last external work until autumn. So I grit my teeth and do my work ^^
But I don't wanna leave you this week without any posting... so here is my face of last Saturday... It was Dark Saturday working night again... but sorry, I missed to take some pics from my outfit... next time ;)
I used Sleek Storm Palette for the gold and dark green accents... white matte from the MUA immaculate palette for the browbones and the inner corner... and black with silver glitter from the Glitterball palette of MUA
Sorry for the bad quality of the pics - I was in such a hurry ^^'
Uuuuuh and only 11 days until I will get new ink... wow - time is running so fast again!