a vegetable garden in my mouth...

...or: Meeow goes green!
Hey sweeties!
As I told in some former posts, I am about to live healthier with doing sports (if I have the time 2-3 times a week with Zumba, Cardio, TotalBodyWorkout, Pilates and sometimes Dumbells) and eating more healthier. 
Since 4 months I am trying to follow the Montignac-way ... most of the time...  sometimes I am longing for a piece of white bread or potatoes or chips.... so I put in a "lazy and all-you-are-allowed-to-eat day" (On Sundays ^^) - and it works great - I am feeling much more better, lighter and fitter. I have more energy at work or at gym. And besides this, I am loosing weight...
Now I am trying out a new habit of healthy eating - green smoothies! I've heard so much about it and read a lot in some blogs of this green boost of Vitamines and minerals.  So I decided to try one drink...
Conveniently I started today for an all-week-Greenbag-subscription. Its a service of my local organic-grocery-store. Its so great to get a load of vegetables and fruits every week, everything organic and fair traded. And every week is like a bit surprise - and I can try a lot of fruits and vegetables I've never cooked by myself or served before (like parsnips, topinambour, beetroot).
I will get my first greenbags (I choosed the Greenbag "Duo" and the Greenbag with fruits) next Friday - so I am very curious about it... you always get some vegetarian recipes with the bags - maybe I will try some of them...
so this is my today's purchase:
and immediately I prepared my dinner...
I call it:
Meeow's First Smoothie Experience...
★ Orange Juice and pulp of 2 oranges
★a handfull of grapes
★1 pear, cut into small pieces
★ 1 piece of green celery with leaves - cut into small pieces
★a handfull of cutted Romaine lettuce
★a small handfull of carrot green (yes! the green! really! No joke!)
★a cup (more or less, as you like) of water
mix everything in a blender until it gets the typical smoothie-texture...
and now:
bon appetit!
try it out - its really delicious and full of power - and one glass filled me up... phew... nom nom against munchies! ^^
I think I will experiment the next days with my blender and some ingredients... so stay tuned for more healthy recipes ;)