Meeow goes green II - the first Greenbag-load!

Hey sweeties!
Today I stopped by my local organic store to pick up my Greenbags I've ordered last week... and I am so happy - so much healthy stuff - fresh veggies and fruits for 15 € - I think thats a really agreeable price for so much organic greens. 
....the veggi-bag:
Chinese cabbage
a huge load of carrots
and cherry tomatos
the fruit bag:
2 mangos
red apples
and oranges (hmmmmm they taste soooo great!)
with every bag you get some recipes suitable for the veggies in your supply...
I am going to cook the Coconutsoup with Chinese Cabbage next Monday... on Sunday I am going to try Gyozas filled with the other half of the cabbage... hmmmm... nom!
Tonight we only had a fast dinner, I've bought "good-mood-stars" at the organic store - they were really yummy together with cucumber-salad!
Okay - we've had enough of words of cooking and food now... I am preparing some posts about some new makeup stuff - and my Box of Beauty needs a review - oh - and tomorrow I have my date at the tattoo-parlor *yay* I will tell you all about the making-of my octopussy soon ;)
only a little sneak-preview of the sketch... I am sooooo curious about tomorrow! ^^