While we devotin', full time to floatin' ~ under the sea

...or: say HELLO to the Octo-puss!
Hey sweeties!
Today was the day - I got my octo-puss inked! ~ I am soooo happy about the first step to a full covered creepy but cute underwater world on my right leg! ^^
It's an adaption from my own painting and sketches... and when I draw my octo-puss for the first time, I knew, once a day it will be a part of my inked skin! 
... so here it is:
  isn't he adorable? He looks so happy and friendly ^^
some impressions of three hours of work...
 outlines finished...
sketch (right corner) and half-time (left)
Done and so happy:
I really recommend to you the tattoo-parlor "Final Church" in Wuppertal - Felix, my tattoo-artist is a very kindly person and I really felt in good hands there... and the other artists there are also very great and nice guys!
My next date is in the middle of August - this time I will get the inner side of my leg inked - the next one of my creepy-but-cute-underwater-scene is Misses Frankenstein's Mermaid - so be curious ;)