[Outfit of the day] Requiem for Lost Sounds...

...or: casual but Blackmilk ^^
Hey sweeties!
Last Friday we went for the Requiem for Lost Sounds party at Bahnhof Langendreer ~ we only stopped by to meet some friends for just some hours, cause I had to get up early on Saturday for visiting the tattoo-parlor. 
So I choosed a casual outfit, because I cannot wear my nylons for the next days I wanted to wear my precious Birth of Venus 2.0 for the night (ouch ouch ouchie on my right leg - no tight things for me until my tattoo has healed ^^')  ...
★ shrug ~ Queen of Darkness
★ ruffled lace top ~ New Yorker
★ black panty ~ C&A
★ leggings ~ Blackmilk
★ boots ~ Underground
★ spider necklace ~ restyle
 weeeeee - awesome Nylons!
 I used Sleek Acid Palette and a the Sleek Storm Palette for my eyes... Lipstick is Chinchilla from Limecrime - I really love that nude-grey-lilac color sooooo much!
violet eyeliner from Limecrime (orchidaeous) - its more intensive in real life - sorry for the shitty photo I took with my smartphone ^^'
Hope everyone of you had an awesome weekend!