nommed again at the NOMFEST 2

...or: I think I should attend a Blackmilk-support-group soon... ^^'
Hey sweeties!
Yes... BM got me in their silky and nylon fangs... I am addicted now. And after my credit-card recovered, they launched the Nomfest - aaaaaaah... I couldn't resist!  So much great legs - but to calm myself a bit, I only choosed one piece this time ~ The SPACE BUBBLES LIQUID LEGS. (oh and I laid my eyes on the oilslicks in green - but maybe next month again ^^).
 the shiny black package of awesomeness ^^
and an ubercute message from the BM-crew ^^
thihihiihiiiii - shiny shiny awesomeness and a load of stickers ^^
 this holo-fabric is soooo whoa... *gasp*... shiny and ...*gasp* awesome!
cannot wait to wear those beauties outside... but I have to wait for wearing tight leggings until my tattoo has fully healed...
Pat said, it seems probable that strangers wanna touch my legs, if I wear my space bubbles outside ^^ *lol*