Glossybox April 2013

...or: WORKOUT-time!
Hey sweeties!
Yesterday was Glossybox-Day - it was funny cause I received the shipping-confirmation yesterday evening... lol...  
So this time the theme is "Workout" the whole boy was full of products you can enjoy after workout and provides relaxing and calming down... 
and as a little goody I received some colorful scrunchies. ^^ Actually I don't like neon-colors - but as single ones, they are loud enough ^^
1. Dove - Maximum protection (Original size 45 ml, € 5,49)
I am curious about this product... I think its a great companion, when I have a long day - work, workout, meeting friends and still wanna feel fresh... and it has a nice size for my bag.
2. Bama - gel soles (Original product, 1 pair, € 4,95)
Yeah - I love gel-soles! They are perfect for my Jeffrey Campbells - I often bought the cheap ones of Primark, but I know, the Bama-soles are more comfy!
 3. Beautybird ~ Fly High! Active Foot Gel (Original size 75 ml, € 9,00)
Hmmmm smells very fresh - with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. I really like cooling footgels in the summertime - my feet often get puffy on warm weather when wearing too tight shoes. So this gel will be my companion on hot days!
 4. Senzera ~ Bodylicious Orange Scrub (sample size, 50 ml ca. € 3,25)
Hmmmm a body peeling that helps keeping your shaved legs longer smooth? That sounds interesting. I love peelings - but I cannot try it until my tattoo is healed totally. Its smell is wonderful. Its a sugar-scrub with orange, urea and aloe vera.
 5. Merz Spezial ~ SOS foam-mask (Original size, € 2)
This one is also a special goodie for the box. I tried the foam-masks of Merz Spezial some years ago and I loved them cause they give you freshness in seconds. I tried this mask this morning and it feels nice on my skin. And I didn't need any cream or lotion after the treatment.
6. Balance me ~ super toning body wash (Sample size, 50 ml, ca. € 2,30)
shower cream with bergamot, juniper berry and lavender. I love the fresh scent. I think I will take it for the shower at gym after workout, cause the smell is so relaxing and calming.
I really liked that box, even though I missed the decorative samples - but for a workout, you don't need lipstick and blush ;)