Emptied: February - April 2013 [Part II]

Hey sweeties...
Here comes the second part of the heavy load of depleted beauty-products...
Philip B. ~ Peppermint & Avocado shampoo
It was a product out of the Box of Beauty. This shampoo cleans the hair thoroughly and leaves freshness on my head. I only used it before dyeing, cause its really efficient with cleaning... not the perfect product for direction-hair... 
Clinique ~ 7 day scrub cream
Also a Beauty Box sample size. It was a nice cleanser but a bit too scrubby for my skin. 
essence ~ gel eyeliner
Great texture, deep black. I love gel-eyeliners and this one was perfect. I really recommend that eyeliner.
Balea ~ Ultra Power Mousse
Keeps my hair in shape, perfect for styling... bought a new one.
Balea ~ Deospray ~ figs and chocolate
A Limited edition, I love everything that smells like candies and sweets. This one was odd but nice...
CD ~ Deospray lemon-lime
My favourite deo. Its so fresh and smells great. It refreshes immediately.
Venus ~ sea salt body scrub
Soooo awesome. It smells like rosemary and lavender. Its oil-formula makes the skin so soft and after a full-body-scrubfest under the shower, I don't need any bodylotion. I think I will buy that again soon...
Lush ~ think pink bath ballistic
A birthday gift. It makes the water pink and it smells like vanilla and sweets... hmmmm...om nom nom!
Dr. Bronner's magic soap ~ citrus-orange
A sample size out of the glossybox. This smell is amazing - just like fresh pressed lemonjuice. Awesome. And you only need of few drops on a sponge for incredibely foam! 
 Soap & Glory ~ make yourself youthful
Also a sample size from the Box of Beauty. Its a face serum that gives the skin a young glow and freshness. Really liked that serum. 
essence ~ multi action mascara
One of my favourite low-price mascaras. Its hard to find the right mascara. But this one is a step closer to the perfect one...
 essence ~ eye makeup remover oil-free
Also an all-time favourite. Its very gentle to my skin and thoroughly. For sure I have a new bottle in my bathroom... but first I will use up the great makeup remover, I got for my birthday. ^^
 Balea ~ curl power spray
phew... I see I have a lot of Balea-stuff ... *lol* This curl-spray is also one of my favourites. I always have a bottle of that at home. It defines and forms my curls perfectly.
So... that were the emptied products of the last three months... phew - a lot of stuff... I think I shouldn't collect too long the next time. ^^