hooked on Spandex

...nommed again...
Hey Sweeties!
Yes... I am guilty. I nommed again... But in my defence I shopped last month - and the precious pieces of nylon arrived at the end of last week. Damn German customs! A lame and unreliable bunch of....*beeep*....
Okay, Meeow, behave ~ just show the pics... ;)
After waiting for a month, I got mail from Jeffie! 
 custom affected the beautiful black packaging... *sigh* but as you know: only inner values count ;)
aaaawww... silver wrapping... stickers (!!!) and a message from Jeffie
 more bling bling ^^ hihi... diamonds are a girls best friend ^^
 aaaah... Supernova!
hurry hurry ~ put it on and jump around in the evening sun!
I had to wear it yesterday for a party... 
I love this holo print so much! awesome! Thank you, Jeffie ~ I fell in love!
I've longed for so long for a mermaid leggings... and Blackmilk offered the Mermaid Chameleon Legs  at last Nomfest... so this darling also came last week...
love the oilspilled pattern...
and also a little shootingsession outside in the sun...
So - which one of those nylons is your favourite?