increasing my underwater zoo...

or: getting more ink soon!
Hey sweeties!
In 3 weeks I am going to increase my weird underwater world on my right leg. Octo-Puss (or Catapuss) soon will have a companion - Frankenstein's mermaid.
I did some rough sketches for my tattoo-artist and send them to him... so curious about his finished worked out outlines. 
I am thinking about a little friend for my  mermaid... like Fabius for Arielle, but a deepwater frogfish. :)
sure my tattoo will be colored... here is a little sample for some added color...
cause I had so much fun of drawing sea-dwellers, I sketched a little bat-jellyfish... just for fun... maybe one day it'll become one participant at my underwater-leg ;)
I am so curious on how everything will turn out, one far day, when my leg ist finished :)