Beetles and Lobsters...

...or: finally, my Detrivore-delivery is here!!!!
Hey Sweeties!
It takes almost 3 months for receiving my Detrivore eyeshadows... It was a long time to wait (they needed more than 1 month for getting off) and I was almost dissatisfied, that I was like "never again I'll do an order at Detrivore", but when the precious colors were in my mail last week, I forgot the waiting-time and was more like "damn it - I need more of it soon!" 
I choosed a lot of green and grey shades, matte and also shimmery and glittery - and 3 sample shades...
 Abyss ~ Gargoyle ~ Smog
 Abyss is a black matte eye shadow. I am searching for a really really deep matte black for my eyes -
 but I think this is a neverending story. This black is nice, but its not that deep dark I'm searching for...
Gargoyle is my absolutely favourite. Its so pretty and I cannot capture the whole beauty of this sparkling eyeshadow with my cam... but you should take a look  **here**
Gargoyle is a satin stone grey eyeshadow full with purple glitter. Its so beautiful... I love it!
Smog is a blueish gray shimmering eye shadow. Its very lushly and bright.
 Dormant ~ Sacred ~ Livor Mortis
Dormant is  a bluesh lavender purple with pink shimmer. I thought it is  a lot of deeper like on the pic of  Detrivore, but its a lot of lighter and the pink shimmer doesnt turn out well.  but also a very nice color...
 Sacred is a violet shimmering eyeshadow with a black base. Its very easy to blend so I think this one is perfect for smokey-looks...
Livor Mortis was one of those colors, I saw at the homepage and thought "OMG, I have to buy it!!!  It's black based with dark pink shimmer, its really high pigmented and full of glittery shimmer and perfectly dark!  A must have for little darklings!
Swamp ~ Chimera ~ Plague
 Swamp is a  light green satin with yellow gold and  green shimmer.
 Its very intense and bright. One of those perfect greens...
Chimera is a flop in my opinion.  Its a green matte.  It doesn't cover well and I needed a lot of eyeshadow to get a good swatch for you. I love bright and vibrant colors - but this one is  a bit lame.  
Plague is a very dark green eyeshadow with a turquoise shimmer. Very nice and well covering. Also one of those smokey colors. 
Asylum ~ Amazon
Asylum is a teal, blue green matte eyeshadow. In comparison to Chimera, its more intense and bright. Love that vibrant color. Maybe I will buy a full size...
Amazon is soooo beautiful. I've bought a sample size but I will buy it in original size with my next order. Its a bright leapfrog green with silver sparkles. 
 Bone ~ Cremains
Searching for the perfect matte white? Bone is my holy grail! Its matte, its bright white... its well covering... its perfect!
 Cremains reminds me of those sugar-matte black nail polishes of Kiko and of  grip-tapes on skateboards. Its a dark grey with silver shimmering sparkles in it.It is very well covering, perfect for blending and creating a dramatic smokey grey look. I will buy it in original size with my next order there.
So, I hope you liked my swatch-o-calypse :)
Have an awesome Sunday!