While we devotin', full time to floatin' ~ under the sea (Part II)

...Octo-Puss meets new friends!
Hey sweeties!
Its 4 months ago since I've got my Octo-Puss on my right leg. I am planning a full creepy-but-cute underwater leg and my tentacled cat was the first step for this project. 
Yesterday it was time for two new friends: Frankenstein's Mermaid and her little fellow, the deepsea-fish (I don't know his name - maybe you know the perfect name?). 
After I did a looooooad of sketches I choosed **this one** - and together with the tattoo-artist, we created a sexy pinup undead mermaid :)
after 1,5 hours ~ the outlines were finished... 
 I was in the belief that we only do the outlines at this day... but then Felix got the colors out... wheeeee....
And this is the work of almost 4 hours...
its not finished yet and the tips of her tail and her hair were a pain in the ass... but I am soooo happy - and I really love the colors of my sexy hot undead girl :)
Hope, I am getting one date more this year, but my tattoo-artist is fully booked for this year ~ but maybe he find some hours in between for me.
Wish you all a great start into the new week :-*