My little Pony Unicorn Fairy Princess Glitter Sugarshock Mermaid nails

Hey sweeties ~
~ I've bought a big bottle of lavender-iridescent-Glitter at Xenos last week... for some DIY things and paintings... but then I had the idea of a very blingbling nailart...
you need:
nail polish in...
light pink/lavender (I used Manhattan Quick Dry Nail Polish, 26S)
violet (I used Catrice, 800 Heavy Metallilac)
light turquoise (I used Nyx, NGP 175 Mermaid Green)
turquoise-blue (I used P2 fly me to the moon LE, 030 turquoise galaxy)
Gel-like Topcoat (Catrice)
and of course: Glitter (DIY Glitter from crafting shop)
First step:
Apply the light lavender nail polish on the whole nail.
Second step:
Dab with the help of a sponge (cut into little cubes) the violet nail polish on 3/4 of the nail. Then follow dabbing the light turquoise 1/2 of the nail and the dark turquoise at the tips.
Third step:
Apply the topcoat and powder it immedeatly with glitter, remove too much glitter with the help of a fan-brush.
Fourth step:
Apply 2 coats of topcoat and let it all dry.
Tadaaaaa - Fairy nails ^^
I wish I took pics of the steps but I didn't thought that the convenient crafting glitter comes out so great...
Hope you like my little tutorial.