Meet little Lotta!

Hey sweeties ~
~ yes, I am still alive, but I had a lot to do in the passed weeks - busy as always and working, being on the road and spending the little leisure time I had with my Zumba class. But I am here and I will be back with a lot of news...
I got a little sister ... Lotta! 
She is the new family member and lives at my parents home now.  
I was falling in love  right away when I met her the first time.
She had a hard start into her new life and was very sick the first days - but now she is one of the happiest and cheekiest puppies I've ever seen.
she looks so well-behaved when she is sleeping....
but she can be a little monster... raaaawwwrrrr:
my arm and my hand are sooooo delicious ;)
...but I love that little monster!