Paris ~ encore une fois

...or: Meeow in Paris, épisode trois!
Hey sweeties!
My summer-vacation is over and I spent some very beautiful days at my beloved city Paris. Pat & I had sightseeing, we saw some beloved places again and explored new ones, I was shopping at the "soldes", we had great evenings with good food and beer, met old friends again, rode the Montmartrain again, sat nearby the Seine in rain, saw the Eiffeltower by night... all in one: again a beautiful trip ~ and we will be back next year for sure!
After our arrival, we started in the afternoon with strolling around the Île de la Cité, visiting Notre-Dame  and the beautiful Fontaine St. Michel...
love lockets....
after strolling around we had some yummy beers and ciders at the Black Dog....
...and we saw the Tour St. Jacques by night... 
The next two days were full of sightseeing... 
inside the Louvre...
...creatures at Printemps...
I adore all the statues and the architecture of the ancient buildings in Paris...
and the little details...
up the stairs in Montmartre...
...the reward is a beautiful view...
the Sacré-Coeur...
sometimes you can find one of these few old fountains...
and here and there - streetart with mosaics...
the Moulin Rouge...
sometimes it was rainy - but the rain revealed the real beauty of the gargoyles all around the Sacré-Coeur:
on the last day we went to Marais - I love that quarter - its full of interesting corners...
Place des Vosges - a very beautiful park surrounded by old buildings
Hôtel de Ville
In the evening we went to the Eiffel Tower to watch it at dusk...
I love this picture, it is probably the best I've ever taken ;)
one last look-back when we went to the metro station at Trocadero... oh - I really miss this place now!
Hope you liked my little travelling diary. 
Wish you all a great start into a new week!


We got the spirit ~ You got to hear it ~ Under the sea...!

Hey sweeties  ~
~ today we started my biggest (and achiest!) tattoo of my creepy but cute underwater scene full leg sleeve: The angry kraken. Yes... she is angry - maybe she is just hungry... or she missed the summer sale... or just PMS. But we all know one thing: It's a girl!
At the end of July, the ship will be finished. :)


You win or you die...

...or: The Game of Thrones swap
Hey Sweeties...
...it's been a while, I was busy with crafting, sewing and working - but now I have some days off (and looking forward to visit my big love - Paris - next week).
I took part on a Game of Thrones themed swap at Natron und Soda - I really love Game of Thrones and also the books of George R. R. Martin - so it was a neccessity to participate. 
My presentee likes the banner of House Greyjoy, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and the Nightswatch - so I created some goodies for her:
First of all, I made a House Greyjoy A-Line Skirt - it's been a while ago since I sewed a skirt for others. But I think, I did it as good as I can. The golden kraken is ironed on Vlieseline and cut out and then appliquéd on the dark blue fabric.
As little goodies, I made two patchworked mug rugs with stenciled designs: a raven for the Nightswatch, the sword (Needle) for Arya Stark and "Valar Morghulis" on the back of one mug rug:
I really like the raven and the lily fabric - both found at Dawanda.
and by the way - freezer paper is really one of the best things for making perfect stencils ;)
And for sure I didn't miss to drew a card:
Surely I also received some really great things from my giver:
Inside the package were beautiful goodies, with self-yarned wool wrapped in orange papier with motives of my favourite characters. And selfmade rosemary cookies - so delicious....
a beautiful Daenerys bookmark .. helps to finish the 5th book...
wonderful knitted blue dragon-scale gloves - so gorgeous... I love them!
And an apron with a Tyrion Lannister quote - perfect for my cooking-escapades.
And this card, I wanna frame it.
Summarized I must say, that this was one of the best swaps ever... :)
Oh - and at the moment I am working on a summerdress and on some nice patchwork crafties - so be curious for my next blogpost ;)


Meeow's little shoppe...

... Hey sweeties!
I just launched my little fleamarket - you can find it here:
I will update this site from time to time - so be curious for some pretty things.


curiosities-shopping in heavy rain...

Hey sweeties,
yes I am still alive - I was just... hmmm... a mix of busy and lazy. When I wasn't busy, I was lazy and vice versa. 
But my life goes on - I am very creative since some weeks and I turn back to stencils, paper beads, sewing and drawing a lot. At the moment I take part on a Game of Thrones themed swap - so curious if I can make my presentee happy with my crafts and also very curious about what I will receive. After that swap - in 5 weeks - I will show you what I've created - until then its a secret ;)
Yesterday we went to the Flo(h)rian fleamarket at Westfalenpark Dortmund - its my favourite flea market and regrettably its only 3 or 4 times per year. So I was very thrustful yesterday and the very rainy day didn't stop me. Pat & I met a few friends there and despite bad weather we brave the rain and had really fun.
And I found some really great snaps... and a hodgepodge of oddities...
antlers, old medicine bottles, dinosaurs, a bat, a bug, an owl, beautiful frames, red stars and velvet manicure set from Ciaté...
the antlers are already on our dark red wall in the living room and fit great to "Hedwig"
and I made an awesome bargain - I've found some New Rock's for 8 Euros... how great is that?
and I made a new friend: Horst the T-Rex - it was love at first sight...
the giant T-Rex on his first journey - yes, he is really terrifying! Fear him! ^^
and some funny pics from the fleamarket - little *uhm* cowboys and creepy dolls...
Next Flo(h)rian is in July (maybe I am in Paris on this date - but no problem, the after next is in August) - hope the weather is better next time - more booths and still more oddities.


One person's craziness is another person's reality

or: burtonesque pottery embellishment...
Hey Sweeties!
A friend of mine invited for her birthday party last Friday, and I decided to create something special for her. She is a big Tim Burton fan - so I painted some mugs and bowls with some characters of the Tim Burton universe. I choosed some sidekick characters and other figures, apart from the Jack & Sally-hype...
I bought white mugs and bowls from, Butler's and painted them with Hobbyline PorcelainPEN.
Toxic Boy
 evil toy from Nightmare before Christmas
and Shock :)
My friend was very happy about my gifts - and now I am thinking about crafting some tableware for my home...