curiosities-shopping in heavy rain...

Hey sweeties,
yes I am still alive - I was just... hmmm... a mix of busy and lazy. When I wasn't busy, I was lazy and vice versa. 
But my life goes on - I am very creative since some weeks and I turn back to stencils, paper beads, sewing and drawing a lot. At the moment I take part on a Game of Thrones themed swap - so curious if I can make my presentee happy with my crafts and also very curious about what I will receive. After that swap - in 5 weeks - I will show you what I've created - until then its a secret ;)
Yesterday we went to the Flo(h)rian fleamarket at Westfalenpark Dortmund - its my favourite flea market and regrettably its only 3 or 4 times per year. So I was very thrustful yesterday and the very rainy day didn't stop me. Pat & I met a few friends there and despite bad weather we brave the rain and had really fun.
And I found some really great snaps... and a hodgepodge of oddities...
antlers, old medicine bottles, dinosaurs, a bat, a bug, an owl, beautiful frames, red stars and velvet manicure set from Ciaté...
the antlers are already on our dark red wall in the living room and fit great to "Hedwig"
and I made an awesome bargain - I've found some New Rock's for 8 Euros... how great is that?
and I made a new friend: Horst the T-Rex - it was love at first sight...
the giant T-Rex on his first journey - yes, he is really terrifying! Fear him! ^^
and some funny pics from the fleamarket - little *uhm* cowboys and creepy dolls...
Next Flo(h)rian is in July (maybe I am in Paris on this date - but no problem, the after next is in August) - hope the weather is better next time - more booths and still more oddities.