We got the spirit ~ You got to hear it ~ Under the sea...!

Hey sweeties  ~
~ today we started my biggest (and achiest!) tattoo of my creepy but cute underwater scene full leg sleeve: The angry kraken. Yes... she is angry - maybe she is just hungry... or she missed the summer sale... or just PMS. But we all know one thing: It's a girl!
At the end of July, the ship will be finished. :)


You win or you die...

...or: The Game of Thrones swap
Hey Sweeties...
...it's been a while, I was busy with crafting, sewing and working - but now I have some days off (and looking forward to visit my big love - Paris - next week).
I took part on a Game of Thrones themed swap at Natron und Soda - I really love Game of Thrones and also the books of George R. R. Martin - so it was a neccessity to participate. 
My presentee likes the banner of House Greyjoy, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and the Nightswatch - so I created some goodies for her:
First of all, I made a House Greyjoy A-Line Skirt - it's been a while ago since I sewed a skirt for others. But I think, I did it as good as I can. The golden kraken is ironed on Vlieseline and cut out and then appliquéd on the dark blue fabric.
As little goodies, I made two patchworked mug rugs with stenciled designs: a raven for the Nightswatch, the sword (Needle) for Arya Stark and "Valar Morghulis" on the back of one mug rug:
I really like the raven and the lily fabric - both found at Dawanda.
and by the way - freezer paper is really one of the best things for making perfect stencils ;)
And for sure I didn't miss to drew a card:
Surely I also received some really great things from my giver:
Inside the package were beautiful goodies, with self-yarned wool wrapped in orange papier with motives of my favourite characters. And selfmade rosemary cookies - so delicious....
a beautiful Daenerys bookmark .. helps to finish the 5th book...
wonderful knitted blue dragon-scale gloves - so gorgeous... I love them!
And an apron with a Tyrion Lannister quote - perfect for my cooking-escapades.
And this card, I wanna frame it.
Summarized I must say, that this was one of the best swaps ever... :)
Oh - and at the moment I am working on a summerdress and on some nice patchwork crafties - so be curious for my next blogpost ;)


Meeow's little shoppe...

... Hey sweeties!
I just launched my little fleamarket - you can find it here:
I will update this site from time to time - so be curious for some pretty things.