Norfolk Broads 2016

Hey Ghouls and Gals,
houseboating holidays at the Broads are always a very relaxing and reliefing thing - after a week full of good food, a lot of beer and cider and 3 finished books I am back... so here are my impressions of 7 days on the water...
Day 1 - the journey begins
the first morning
everywhere draining-mills...
I wanna move there!
 just one of a few cemeteries I've seen there...
 Skulls and Bones

Little trip to Norwich
 first cream tea time ...
 and again: Cream Tea ~ couldn't get enough of scones and clotted cream
I hope we will be back there soon... maybe in 2018... would be awesome.
Wishing you all a good start into the new week!
Hugs 'n' Kisses